This is a typical home in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. The superficial structure provides shelter to the family who calls it home but does not keep out insects, rodents, or rain. When the rainy season comes, many families sleep upright as the floors soften to mud. With time, the walls will fall. And the family will attempt to rebuild it with mud and sticks.

CRI’s Green Door Project

In areas of deep poverty, families live in huts or shacks. They battle seasonal downpours, rotting floors, collapsing roofs, and cracks in infrastructure. Rains ruin their belongings. Bacteria growth and viruses leave them ill. Insect bites lead to malaria and other diseases. Without lockable doors, strangers enter with ease.

Through our Green Door Housing program, we do what shacks cannot—provide shelters to families that will last a lifetime. We build homes with cement blocks, wood trusses, and tin roofs for sturdiness. Our local committee chooses home recipients, often orphans and widows. If they are able, new home owners help with construction. Many attend our home stewardship classes.

Because of our sponsors, we have provided homes to about 400 families in Christ’s name.

Our 14th annual race goal is to raise enough for 15 homes (9,000 blocks) for a total of $45,000. All proceeds will go towards this end. Please consider participating or donating today.

Thank you for your help!

We need your help to build Green Door homes!

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