This is a typical home in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. The superficial structure provides shelter to the family who calls it home but does not keep out insects, rodents, or rain. When the rainy season comes, many families sleep upright as the floors soften to mud. With time, the walls will fall. And the family will attempt to rebuild it with mud and sticks.

Through our Green Door Housing program, we do what shacks cannot—provide shelters to families that will last a lifetime. In Uganda, we build homes for South Sudanese refugees living in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. Many of these refugees are widows with orphans under their care. Violence forced them to flee their homes. Now, without the skill-set or citizenship to earn a decent wage, they struggle to find their roots. The Ugandan government gives them a plot of land but little else. So they build their homes out of canvas, mud bricks, or thatch. These homes leave them vulnerable to wind, rain, and insects. Most collapse within a year.

Our goal for the 2020 Green Door Race is to fund the construction of 30 brick homes for 30 families in need. We need your help to do it!

We need your help to build Green Door homes

Thank you!

With the help of donors like you, the Green Door program has built over 450  homes over the past 10 years! There are more widows, orphans and families that need a Green Door Home.

To hear the testimonies of those who have received Green Door Homes, visit the Sponsorship page.

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