Green Door Dash Challenge:

DASH RACE: Be the fastest team of 4 to carry a green door through the Green Door Dash course.
Rules: All four team members must have at least one hand on the door at all times during the Dash. Course must be completed as map (day of race) directs.

ashing Outfits:

Be the most outrageously dressed team to compete in the Green Door Dash.
Rules: To win all four team members must dress up. Wearing green is encouraged. You DO NOT have to dress up to participate in the Dash.

ash Winner:

  1. The fastest Dash time wins.
  2. The most outrageously dressed, as chosen by the Dash judges, wins.

ash Reward:

  • The satisfaction of knowing your “dashing” is helping poverty-stricken children in Mozambique and India.
  • Bragging rights: be the first team to win the 3rd Annual Green Door dash race challenge.
  • Dash Race: Team with the fastest time wins $100 cash!
  • Dashing Outfits: Teams with the most outrageous outfits wins $100 cash!

Dash Team Size:

  • 4 individuals (all men, all women, or co-ed welcome).

Dash Cost:

  • $40 per team ($10 per person)

Dash Start Time:

  • 10:15 am April 29, 2017 at Harry Myers Park, Rockwall, TX

Dash FAQs:

  • Can I participate in the Dash and the 1 Mile/5K/10K run?
    Yes! Please indicate on the registration form that you are running the 5/10K so we can schedule your Dash time accordingly
  • How old do you have to be to participate?
    15 or older
  • How will you know which team has the fastest time?
    We’ll have timers at the start and finish lines.
  • How heavy is the door?
    The doors you will carry are typical indoor doors, with door handles.
  • Who will judge the best team costumes?
    A team of 4 Dash judges will be chosen from the Green Door Volunteers.
  • Are there any rules with respect to costumes?
    This is a kid-friendly race so keep your outfits family-friendly. Please don’t wear anything that would make your grandmother blush. Dash judges reserve the right to disqualify teams should their costumes be too risqué.
  • Does our team have to dress up to participate in the Dash?
    You DO NOT have to dress up to participate in the Dash.

Dash Questions:

Please contact Jason Pieratt at

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